Why insomnia is surging as the coronavirus pandemic drags on | khou.com

Why insomnia is surging as the coronavirus pandemic drags on | khou.com


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The damage done by lack of sleep and what you can do about it.

HOUSTON — Doctors report another side effect of the coronavirus pandemic: insomnia. So why are we having trouble sleeping?

Rates of insomnia have spiked around the world since the pandemic hit. Experts blame everything from the obvious stress associated with living through a global pandemic to changes in our schedules. And thanks to the delta variant, we aren’t getting much relief, it has only added to the uncertainty and challenges.

So what does that mean? Humans need about seven hours of sleep a night. After a couple nights of getting less than that, you will notice difficulty thinking clearly and getting a shorter temper. But when it happens on a regular basis, our bodies start to suffer. Over the long term, insomnia puts you at risk for type-2 diabetes, depression and cardiovascular problems.

So what can you do about it? If the pandemic has turned your schedule upside down, try to re-impose order. Keep your phone and laptop out of the bedroom. Also do what you can to avoid watching the clock, it will just stress you out. And if the problem persists long term, seek out a sleep specialists because lack of sleep can do a lot more than just make you sleepy.

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