49 new confirmed COVID-19 coronavirus cases, no new deaths reported in Cleveland: Tuesday ...

49 new confirmed COVID-19 coronavirus cases, no new deaths reported in Cleveland: Tuesday ...


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CLEVELAND, Ohio – Mayor Frank Jackson’s administration announced Tuesday that the Ohio Department of Health confirmed 49 new cases of COVID-19 coronavirus were found in Cleveland.

No new deaths were reported. The deaths of 148 people in Cleveland have been attributed to the coronavirus. The average age of those who died was 72 years old.

Four cases were transferred out of Cleveland’s tally after it was determined the patients were not Cleveland residents.

The new cases involve patients ranging from less than 7 years old into their 80s. There have been 6,226 confirmed cases in Cleveland since March, according to the Cleveland Department of Public Health.

In addition, health department has identified 567 probable cases. That figure, using an expanded definition from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, captures suspected cases where there is no confirmed test.

As of Tuesday, Cleveland had recorded a total of 6,793 cases.

Those infected have ranged in age from less than 1 year old to more than 100 years old. The average age is 42 years old.

Eleven percent of those cases required hospitalization.

Fifty-four percent of the cases involve women. About 52% of all those infected are African American. About 24% are white. Asian residents comprise about 1% of the cases. Race is unknown for 12% of the cases.

The Cleveland Department of Public Health reports that 3,644 patients have been released from isolation.

Across the state, 2,509 new coronavirus cases were reported Tuesday, bringing the state to a total of 202,740 since the outbreak began, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

Tuesday’s figure is higher than the 21-day rolling average of 1,973. The state reports 161,704 are presumed recovered.

The number of deaths increased 22 to 5,239. The 21-day average for deaths is 14,

The Cuyahoga County Board of Health reported 13,771 cases of coronavirus had been tallied as of Friday, an increase of 664 from last week. That figure includes 1,103 classified as probable cases. There were 593 reported deaths. The numbers exclude the cases from the city of Cleveland. The data is updated weekly.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s updated tally on Tuesday reported 8,680,611 cases and 225,084 deaths in the United States.

Those numbers tend to lag other reporting sites.

Johns Hopkins University of Medicine reported that as of Tuesday evening its tally showed 8,770,272 people had become infected with the coronavirus. By its tally, deaths in the United States totaled 226,563.